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Background:  With over 230 million surgeries every year worldwide, the perioperative setting is an important challenge for clinical physicians. A particular challenge are perioperative myocardial injuries and infarctions (PMI), as they often present asymptomatic. Further, little is known concerning this frequent disease associated with a highly relevant increase in postoperative mortality. BASEL-PMI aims to increase the knowledge about PMIs, by evaluating a new screening strategy using high-sensitivity cardiac troponin done at the University Hospital Basel in high-risk patients. Introduction Video: Trial Registration No: NCT02573532 (   Link  Trial Status: ongoing  Enrolling Centers:  Switzerland University Hospital Basel  Cantonal Hospital Aarau Core Study Team:  Important Publications: (click on links to see abstracts) 
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Dr. Christian Puelacher Review “Perioperative myocardial infarction/injury after noncardiac surgery”, Swiss Med Wkly. 2015;145:w14219  Christian Puelacher, Giovanna Lurati-Buse, Hélène Singeisen, Minh Dang, Florim Cuculi, Christian Mueller Jaqueline Espinola Esther Seeberger Andres Zimmerli Stella Marbot Daniela Seeberger Sanela Barac Therese Rinderknecht Home News Team Studies Publications Events Cooperations Contact